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Welcome   to   my   corner   of   the   world.

Here you'll find more
about our RPG
(AKA Role Playing Game)
It's a Star Trek E-mail Organization.

And you'll learn about
some of my other interests.

You'll also find pages
dedicated to my friends
who have helped me through
some very rough spots this spring.

I hope you enjoy!!

It's still under construction
so come back soon!!

Friends I have to thank :c)

Some GREAT places to visit.

My corner of the world
has been visited
since the counter
reset itself August 3rd , 98.

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What you can find here

Thoughts on Friendship and Love

Winter In Huntington, Wv 2003

My photos! Favorite nature scenes

My part of the Unity Universe

The Aracoma Story
An outdoor historical drama

The Kentucky Brigade CSA
A Civil War Reenactment Group

The Shawnee Living History Trail
An outdoor reenactment

Click here if you want to see
this photo from our last Civil War Re-Enactment.

Fort New Salem
Pictures from our visit.

Mary Ingels on
the Virginia Frontier.

Other Links

The Native Language Workshop at Pt. Pleasant

Shawnee Trail Associates at Prickett Fort's
School Of The Longhunter

Shawnee Trail Associates and Friends
at Fort Frederick, Maryland.

The Shawnee Living History Trail
Primitive Camp And Drama

The Fort Lee Scouts
18th Century Reenacting

The Siege Of Fort Randolph
Annual event in May