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I am so lucky....

I have absolutely the best friends in the world.
Bar none!!!
When I'm down , they cheer me up.
When I'm lonely, they keep me company.
When I'm happy, they share my joy.
When I'm sad, they make me smile.
When I'm scared, they hold my hand.
When I'm uncertain, they help me see.
When I hate, they help me to forgive.
When I hurt, they help me heal.
When I cry, they dry my tears

(Ya'll didn't know you were doing all of that...did you? *lol*)

This page is dedicated to them,
as a thank you for helping me get through life.
without further adieu
This page is to thank...
*deeeeeeep breath*

and in no particular order....:c)

Bill Mickie Jesse Jon John Kim
Matt Steve Ronnie Chris Kris Nikki
Tues Ron Jo`Ann Cy`Ann Heath Christine
Kristy Joy Tony Kevin Regina FrJim Bev
Donna Patty Jarrod Nancy Dave RobertW
Mike Bruce Lorelei Tim Ruth Mike Eric
Tina Becky Anil Debbie Sharon Byron Viv
Phyllis Jerry Maddy John Jim Cindy Jesse
Debbie Matt Char Lori Jeanie Lyn Jennie
Jim Keith Susan John Mark Dan Jeannie
Junebug Wendy Ron Libby Mike Sandy Melissa

I Love You Guys!!!!!!!


For Grami..."Saying Goodbye"

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"The stars are merely a means to guide our future with...
a future full of promise, bright beacons and endless possibilities."
BKH - April 1999