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Unity Fleet Members.

Jennie's USS-Discovery Page

Not unity members but scifi folks :c)

Battlestar Poseidon
Colonel Luana™'s Quarters
A Portland Oregon based
Battlestar Galactica
Fan Club home page

USS Vulcan Visionary™
A Portland Oregon based
Star Trek Fan Club home page

Star Trek Postcards!!

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Brenda's    Unity    Fleet    Universe

Welcome to the world of

Unity Fleet is a Star Trek based
Role Playing Game.
Our storied are shared thru

My characters in UNITY include....

P'iar and Camellia...Citizens on Deep Space Station 23
Katheryn O'Shea..Formerly of the USS-Odyssey
Brenna O'Shea....Chief Engineer of DS23
T'Laira...First Officer of the USS Odyssey
Lesley Sterling..of the USS Wellington

No, I have no life *lol*


The most terrific group of writers on the web.

Unity Fleet Members Live!!!!

See Unity Members in the Big Apple

A sketch of USS-Milliways Officers

Brenda and Bill's summer visit