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What Makes Me Smile?

What makes me smile?
It’s very easy to say.
It happens over and over
Every single day.

Watching the sunset wrapped in your arms.

Holding each other close as the stars gleam above.

Hunting for glowworms in the dark.

When you forgive me so easily for being silly and having doubts.

The fact that you aren't afraid to say "I'm sorry."

Finding foxfire for the very first time.

Seeing the dawn break after a night together.

Hearing your voice the first thing each day.

Watching your lips curve into a smile.

Feeling your gentle hand close on mine.

Cooking over an open fire in the night.

Having you tease me when I
take myself too seriously.

Feeling your arms wrap around me
when you calm my fears.

Watching you with others in the
course of your day.

Walking hand in hand with you,
fingers linked together.

Having the phone ring when you call just to say "hi".

Watching you read, so involve
in what you’ve found.

Giggling with you as you search
for your glasses.

Holding hands in the warmth of the fire’s light.

Knowing that you're proud of me.

Knowing that you like who I am.

Listening to the frogs as they sing their
serenade for just us.

Sharing your interests and you sharing mine.

Hearing you call me those sweetie pet names.

Hearing you answer when I do the same.

Shopping with you and looking for bargains!!

Sharing with you when we’ve found a great one.

Learning to cook something new with you.

Camping in the forest where we’re all alone.

Laughing with friends and sharing our time.

Going out to dinner or a show on the
spur of the moment.

Cuddling you close all warm and secure.

Feeling your soft lips brush against mine.

Having you help me fight all the demons.

Knowing you also let me help fight yours.

Watching you work on a special project.

Discussing things that I hope to do.

Riding close to you in your truck as we travel.

Sharing your dreams and
your hopes for the future.

Listening to your wonderful stories about life.

Sharing with you.

Laughing with you.

Loving with you.

What makes me smile? In one word…

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