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So many things have passed
our lips. So much already said.

Our hopes, our fears, our
pasts and dreams. Where our
journeyís led.

Endless hours spent together,
quiet whispers of future plans.

Spent with joy and blessed
with love, special part of man.

I know your heart, as you do mine.
Itís beats within your palm.

Your smile my strength, your
warmth my shield, your love
my soulís soft balm.

Yet precious still your heart
and mind and what it brings

Your spiritís song a caress
to my soul as I walk along
our way.

It never ends, the growth
and love, that grows inside
my core.

Once touched by flame, the
embers warmth across my being

© Copyright Brenda Hager 1998
Do not use or reproduce without permission

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