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Through Friendship's Eyes

Through Friendship's Eyes...

You find fewer of my faults.

You notice when I need space

You see my tears before they begin.

You note when I am lonely.

You discern when I am saddened.

You perceive when I rejoice.

You study and understand my reactions.

You probe into my heart.

You watch to see me safe.

You help me look for the good I know
is within myself.

Through friendship's eyes...
you see me with love.

Sending this to a friend today.
A special friend.
A friend who has always seen me
through unique eyes.
A friend who helps me to see in myself,
the good that others see.
Thank you, for seeing me
with eyes full of compassion,
eyes full of hope
eyes full of caring

Thank you for seeing me
Through friendship's eyes.

Copyright Brenda Hager 1998
Do not use or reproduce without permission

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BKH - April 1999