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The Card

A reminder
found by accident.
My memory jogged
of more pleasant days.

Scented of you,
I inhale deeply
then fight myself
to stem the flow of tears.

"Oh, how I love you."
The words I read.
So very long
since I've heard that cry.

Lavish words,
loving phrases.
Confusion takes over.
How did it end?

"Wonderful you."
Another quote
catches my eye.
My heart plummets.

"so easy to love"
Somehow, somewhere
it all changed.
for you.

I seem locked in time.
unable to forget,
unwilling to hate,
loving you still.

I want for peace
but find none.
I search for myself,
but I am lost.

Who am I now?
Do I even know?
Not part of two,
a solitary one.

Days come and go
I long for word,
for thought of you,
But none comes.

Do you remember me?
I was your heart.
And you were mine.
or so you said.

Now my spirit withers.
My love remains,
the only thing
sustaining me.

I did not offer it easily.
I did not accept it readily.
It will not fade quickly.

Copyright Brenda Hager 1998
Do not use or reproduce without permission