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Thank you...

For your smiles..

For your arms that hold
me when I cry.

For the teasing laughter
that curves my lips.

For your patience
in listening to my fears,
hopes, dreams and complaints.

For the small things you do
for me that I can't do for myself.

For wanting to do them.

For sharing yourself with me.

For showing me new things
and having the patience to
answer when I have questions.

For letting me try new things
without being afraid of
looking silly.

For encouraging me to
be the best I can be.

For helping me to see
who that is.

For loving me.

For allowing me to
love you.

For listening to destiny
all those months ago.

For the music you've taught
my heart to sing and the lift you've
given my spirit.

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"When the heart sings and the spirit soars
the music of life is complete." bkh 10/99 8/2000