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Sad Woman

Sad woman see the mirror there.
See what you become.
The truth having lost itís way
drowned by your anger, hate and pride.

Sad, lonely figure stands alone
Anger churns within.
Refusal to accept that anotherís heart
could sway the object of her obsession.

Denial springs from every word
resists to see and believe.
To win at all costs becomes the cry.
A battle, a game to be played.

Hateful deeds and words abound
Trickery and deceit.
Tíwill not win the heart and if seems so
tíwill not be worth your struggle.

Sad woman see the mirror there
See what you become.
A shell, a hollow mockery
of what you would pretend to be.

False friend, false lover even to yourself,
the image fails of what you profess.
The illusion falls away
as truth spills out of your actions.

You are now known as you are.
Seen as you have become.
Not born of love but of obsession.
Not of heart but pride.

Love does not hurt. Love does not crumble.
Love does not seek to destroy.
And lacking that effort you will find,
love leaves the soul untouched.

Emptiness reigns.
As it controls you now.
Your bitterness attempts to cloud the truth
But it can not quell the light.

You declare love yet tear down
that which you say you adore.
Tisí not love that motivates the words so harsh
nor actions that dishonor the spirit.

You care not what his heart might offer
only that you succeed.
By any means, by any cost
You justify your deeds.

Sad woman see the mirror there.
See what you become.

© Copyright Brenda Hager 2000
Do not use or reproduce without permission

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