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In my mind...
round and round.
Questions without answers..
Answers where questions have
never been asked.

Confusion without understanding.

did it end?...did you go?

I thought to hold your
heart carefully in the
palm of my hand.

I thought to cradle
you tenderly and
help you to stand.

I thought to color
your world with joy
and peace and happiness.

I thought to stand
beside you and help
you to grow.

I thought to love
you and share with
you the days that we lived.

But everything changes...

Now, I find no sun.
It's brightness seems to have faded
and hidden behind a gray,
colorless cloud.

Now, I listen for the
singing of the birds,
but they seem to have
all gone mute.

Now, I turn with a smile,
turn to share,
to find you're no longer
there or listening.

Now, my footsteps are alone.

Now, the good days are when I don't cry.
Now, a heart full of love has no one to give to.
Now, only a thousand questions remain.

Did the love go?

Questions without answers..

And they echo and echo and echo in my mind.

Copyright Brenda Hager 1998
Do not use or reproduce without permission