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A Promise To You

When you need a safe haven to rest
you can always find one in me.

When you're weary of the world's turmoil
you can cast them off in the warmth of my caring.

When confusion lines the path  you walk,
And causes you to question and doubt who you are,
you can find security in the depth of my understanding
and my vision of who you are and what good lies within you.

When you feel the world plots against you,
I will always be there to show you the joy you can find.

When you feel no one is on your side,
I'll be there with my hand reaching out to you.

When we both are angry
I'll always be ready to move ahead and let it go.

When it seems no one considers you
I'll always try to let you know that I do.

And when it seems you fail to consider me,
I'll try to remember that we see things from different viewpoints,
and that's not what you're doing.

When our needs and wants don't correspond,
I'll seek the compromise and not allow mine to overshadow yours.

When you need the space to find yourself again
I will try to step away and be here only from a distance.

Then when you're ready to embrace the warmth that the connection of two people who genuinely like each other brings, I will be standing close by with two arms that hug with a lover's gentle embrace.

And when you think that there's no security left
in this world, I'll show you that it can be found

in two like hearts and spirits. In friendship that glows with more.

When the heart sings and the spirit soars, the music of life is complete.
I promise to try to help you hear the music and never miss the song.

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