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Links For Sending Hugs

A Hug Is So Important And Means So Much.

Hugs for all and all for hugs!!

A snuggle from someone who loves you!

A virtual hug and kiss :c)

Just a neat place all around
Especially if you like teddy bears. :c)

Gwennie's Camelot
Just a nice site to browse.

Links For Cyber Smooches!!!!

A Tazzie Kiss!!! New and very cute!

Something to think about

   A Friend Like You
   by Anonymous

   There's lots of things
   With which I'm blessed,
   My problems have been few,
   But of all, this one's the best:
   To have a friend like you.

   In times of trouble
   Friends will say,
   "Just ask, I'll help you through it."
   But you don't wait for me to ask,
   You just get up and do it!

   And I can think
   of nothing more
   That I could wisely do,
   Than know a friend,
   And be a friend,
   And have a friend like you.

   Send this poem onto all of your friends on-line.


Links To Say You Care

I Care About You...Very cute!!  
and select the I care page Or:

Promise you won't forget about me.

May You Always Feel Loved....
my wish to you..
and take a hanky when you go

Footprints Of Friendship

Roses For My Friends :c)

Never give up on your dreams

Sending this because
I want to do it to you!

Helping a little girl with a goal
Go here if you have a chance

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Spread The Luv Elegant Expressions of Love

Spread The LuvŠ Greetings

Spread The Luv Inspirations......

Spread The LuvŠ Greetings Too!

Places That Warm The Heart

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Mama Rocks

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Thank You Ink

Inspirational pages

Jolande's Hall Of Friendship

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The Room

A wet willy *lol*

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