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What Man Cannot Create

Over the past few months I've managed to capture a few images that I really like. Colors that just cannot be duplicated by man. Beautiful creatures that we
can't come close to creating on canvas no matter how hard we try. Even photographic images fall short of replicating their majesty. However..even with that in mind I thought they deserved a page of their own. So, if you're visiting for curosity or
visiting because you truly enjoy seeing nature in her splendor, I hope you enjoy. many of these were taken at STA events or related activities.  Each photo
carries with it a wonderful memory as well as a
image that remains with me always.

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These pages will be graphically intense and I know that's a pain to download. But there's no way they could do any justice to the beauty they hold if they were smaller.
These first three were taken at our June camp. When we first talked about
camping farther up the trail, I wasn't
certain I'd like it. 'Cept for the man
eating spiders it was absolutely