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Music of Friendship

Music of Love

"Music is the language of love,

and love makes the world go round."

Just the lyrics right now but I hope to add midis soon.

          "He Needs His Woman" - Clapton            "Looks Like We Made It" - Twain
       "Find A Way To My Heart" - Collins    "The Times They Are A Changin' " - Dylan
                "It's In Your Eyes" - Collins            "Oughta Know By Now" - Collins
            "That's What You Said" - Collins             "Hang In Long Enough" - Collins
              "How Do I Live" - Yearwood          "Saved The Best For Last" - Williams
         "That's Just The Way It Is" - Collins              "Do You Remember?" - Collins
"Something Happened On The Way To Heaven" - Collins        "I Wish It Would Rain Down" - Collins
              "All Of My Life" - Collins


The songs above may not be classic literature,

but they say something to me about where I was,

where I am , and where I hope to be.

I hope you enjoy them.