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Love That Never Ends

Time will not fade what lies
within my heart.
It is implanted well within
my soul.

Caring for you, loving you,
was never something I had a choice in.
It simply existed
from the moment we met.

There will never be a day
that goes by,
that I won't be thinking of you
and wishing you well.

There will never be a night
that passes,
that I won't embrace your
heart before it slumbers.

You make me feel complete.
You bring the sun to my life.
You put the smile on my face.
You put the love in my heart.

With you, I am the best
I can be.
Without you, I am merely
a shadow of what was.

Seeing you smile,
hearing you laugh,
is a delight to my eyes and
a symphony to my ears.

There are not enough words
or ways of telling you
how much and how deeply
I love you.

I can only say it
again and again and again.
And rejoice each time
it slips from my lips.

Not long ago,
my heart founds yours.
And I celebrate that day with all
that is within me.

And I love you.
as I will

Copyright Brenda Hager 1998
Do not use or reproduce without permission


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