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Longing For Home

It's like being homesick.

Seeing you so close.
Wanting to reach out,
to touch your hand,
to share a moment with you

But knowing I cannot

I miss your laughter.
I miss your voice.
I miss the friendship
that was so strong.

It shouldn't hurt.
It shouldn't matter.
It's been too long for it to count.

But it does.

It's like being homesick
but knowing you can never
go home.

Copyright Brenda Hager, July 2001
Do not use or reproduce without permission

""When the heart sings and the spirit soars,
the music of life is complete."
bkh - October 99
"Love is the music the heart sings best."
"To bring you laughter each morning and warmth at night...
would bring me joy at all hours." :c)

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