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 I May Never See You

I may never see your face,
share a smile,
or hear your voice.
Yet you have touched my
heart in ways that few people

You have allowed me to "see"
you as not many do.
You have shared your thoughts,
your hopes, your fears, your
dreams and your heart's desire
with me.

And you have listened patiently
as I have explored mine.

If it is hearts that bond us
as friends,
then no truer one can be
found elsewhere.

Thank you for sharing yourself
with me.

Thank you for being
my dear friend.
For Jesse, for Brad, for Tuesdee, for Viv, for Jo`Ann, for Cy`Ann, for Angelo,
and for all my friends that I can't "touch" every day
With much love and appreciation.

Copyright Brenda Hager 1998
Do not use or reproduce without permission

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"The stars are merely a means to guide our future with...
a future full of promise, bright beacons and endless possibilities."
BKH - April 1999