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Come Let Me Love You

Let me hold you under blue skies
and chase away the clouds.

Let me take your hand in mine
and together plot our course.

Let me kiss your furrowed brow
and smooth your cares away.

Let me laugh with you each morning
and love with you at evening.

Let me take the evil of doubt
and smite it with the sword of faith.

Let me be your spirit's comfort
and brace it for it's journey.

Let me hold you close and love you,
each morning as the day begins,
each evening as our souls rest
and through the years as we grow old.

Oh that I could tell you,
the depths of what I feel,
the joy that loving you brings,
the happiness that would lie ahead.

T'was not an option to love you,
merely the fulfillment of a journey.

Brenda Hager 1999
Do not use without permission

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"The stars are merely a means to guide our future with...
a future full of promise, bright beacons and endless possibilities."
BKH - April 1999