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Sending You An Angel
"Two are better than one...
For if they fall, one will
lift up the other."
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 NRSV

Angels touch us in many ways.. the smile of a child.
...with the warmth of the sun. the soft brush of the wind. the beauty of the rainbow.
But most often, with the hand
and the comforting words of a


"I have called you Friends...
For everything that I learned from
my Father, I have made known to you."
John 15:15 NIV

Because friends are here.
The making of friends who are
real friends is the best token
of one's success in life.

Sending you these angels
To let you know I'm here.
Just a call or a hug away.

Angels are always close by :c)

Brenda Hager 1998 Do not use without permission

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"The stars are merely a means to guide our future with...
a future full of promise, bright beacons and endless possibilities."
BKH - April 1999