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Dark demons prowl through my thoughts at night,
whispering seductive calls to my jumbled thoughts.
Listening becomes a pleasurable muse,
wondering if they might not bring the peace I seek.

I lose myself in their imaginings, unable to
find where their fantasy ends and I begin.
Unable to see through the darkness to find myself
once more, to see who I am.

My mind's eye sees me running, fleeing from some
shadowy night mare, my pulse quick, my footsteps
uncertain as I race from an unseen foe, not
certain of my steps or my end.

I am alone.

My hands reach out and grasp the blackness
that surrounds me and return to me empty.
My eyes seek to find the light that once glowed
in the distance, but they are now blind.

Fear consumes me, my nightmares overtake me.
I stand under the dark of night and can see no day.

Brenda Hager 1998 Do not use without permission