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Date: Saturday, June 06, 1998 11:53 PM Subject: 1998 Volume 2
Okay! I warned you! It's not day now, it's night. And here we go!!!! Did ya get those mailboxes cleaned out?? waxing sentimental here tonight...not sure why Remember the new year's eve letter? Think of this as the summer version *lol* Hey! If you've heard this or if it gets boring ...scroll....scroll......scroll!!!! Last chance.... Okay! Be prepared! *LOL*
Many of you have heard parts of this , I don't think anyone, even Tues , knows the entire thing. My Grandfather , Robert Edgar , started a business in the late 1880's called R.E.Hager and Sons.. (Grandfather wasn't real original *lol*) It was located in a small mining community. Later he moved the business to town(translated.. population fewer than 5000.) and he turned a grocery business into a dry goods store, selling clothes , mining supplies and notions (thread , cloth , sheets , etc). When he died my father , Leslie , took over and ran the business for the family. It prospered under my Dad's hand despite a manipulative sister and alcoholic brother. When he died, Mom and I weren't able to feign as well. Dad's sister and brother used some underhanded practices to withdraw all the savings and certificates Dad had managed to squirrel away for the business. We didn't find this out until years after it was done, as the alcoholic uncle held the reigns of the accounts. When I finished college , the business was in jeopardy and it wasn't long before we had to declare bankruptcy. I won't go into details except to say we almost lost everything we had, as our home had stood good for a business loan. I now have a new perspective when people are suffering through financial difficulties. We ultimately did lose the "family" home that my Dad and his brothers had paid for.We had no savings, no money to help get us out of this. I was substitute teaching during the day and was fortunate enough to have steady work that way, I taught many as private lessons each week after school (about 30 hours worth), bartended and waitressed at night and served as pianist on Sunday mornings for the local Catholic church. And yes, all at the same time, week after week after week. At times our water was turned off, we had no phone for periods of time , no TV for over three years, no heat several times ..the most extended period was from March to October one year, and had a huge fear of going to the door or answering the phone for fear it was someone talking about another bill. It was tough. I know others have had it as rough , and I'm not saying mine was worse or better than anyone else' was just mine. I was lucky enough to finally get a full time teaching job and was able to quit bartending at night , but I was now providing sole support for my mother and grandmother (who still live with me and we won't go there!!!*lol*) W.Va...if a partnership , which our business was, declares bankruptcy, then you have to declare personal bankruptcy and all your personal assets can be seized to settle your debts. And bankruptcy , poverty, need....are bad words in this area. There were times that business people that I had worked with for years, crossed the street to keep from speaking. Very few, and I mean very few, even bothered to come by and say..."How are you?" Anyway...we struggled for a number of years. The bankruptcy is off the credit report now, teacher's wages have gone up and things seem okay. I'm still a miser! *LOL* And HATE to let a coupon go unused or miss that triple coupon day that Kroger's has!!!! Now Why spill my guts??? It's because of this..... In the past 18 months you all have saved my life. Whether you know it or not...I had forgotten how to communicate and interact with people , especially with adults. With so many jobs there was no time for the social things. I couldn't express myself verbally or in writing. you have helped me more than I will ever be able to put into words or say. Some think that cyber friends aren't real. Ha! (That was sarcasm! *lol*) What could be more real than sharing your thoughts , your dreams , your goals and your fantasies? Friendship is a thing of the mind and the heart , not the body, and I know some of my cyber friends more intimately than I know people I see every day of my life. You have been generous with your time, Free with your love , and more than compassionate with your understanding. And I thank you and love all of you for it. Friends are truly what fills the heart. With that in are 1998 reflections ...Volume 2

*Harumph*!!! Okay....*Taps podium* Pay attention here! I can do this. :c) "My June Observations" California IS as cheap as Syracuse if you have the right long distance provider but Canada and the Netherlands are STILL expensive!! AT&T still loves me Sometimes December romances come back as wonderful Spring friendships and thrive in a new kind of love. Patience comes on a Tuesdee. Love can't see age or color or economic conditions. A small mention on a webpage says a lot when it comes from a teenager. Roses from Bluemountain can smell as sweet as any that have ever been sent. There is more than one important Washington. Being remembered on a list can be a very nice thing. You all don't answer these things as much as I'd like! *lol* I really DO have an Ak-Sent!! But do you :c)  And diversity truly is the spice of life. Never doubt love when you find it ...hold on to it even when others aren't sure what you do is right. :c) Jen and Byron Never settle...even in your friendships ... for anything less than respect and caring. The other hurts too much. AT&T reaaaaallllllllyyyyy loves me! The world is not so big when viewed through the eyes of a friend. A bear hug can make you grin even when you think you can't. ((((((Mike)))))) I love to travel! And it isn't just the mountains that speak to's nature in general. Sometimes cyber parties are more real than ones you can touch. And touching each other is done best through the heart. My heart is bigger than I ever dreamed it could be , because it's been filled with so many of you. I don't say "thank you" to you nearly enough. AT&T just proposed God created voice mail just for web users. And voices can bring warmth to the heart and a smile to your lips. There are more great thinkers and poets and writers on the net than will ever be published. I like left brained people. Principals are people too but they all like blonde jokes. And I still haven't found any truly new ones. You make me smile. :c) :o} BcD And with a smile the day doesn't seem as long, or as lonely as it might have been otherwise. I need to explain these lists to Ruth *lol* I want webtv's keyboard...showoffs :c) I don't listen enough. And listening to others is a privilege of friendship , not a burden. No, AT&T, we cannot marry and adopt MCI My job reflects who I am but it no longer defines what I am. And finally, at least for now... just the thought that you have made my life so much better than it would have been had we never met. You are the artists , the writers , the postman , the EMS worker, the teachers, the homemakers, the new mothers, the health care workers , the salespersons, the students , the musicians , the drivers , the shop owners , and so many other things that I am not aware of but most of all, and most important to me , you are my friends. Thank you for that honor. *hugs* and *smiles* Brenda In memory of Ziyal , and Hope and Zankin and Hali and all those who allowed themselves to slip quietly away from the circle of love and support This last thing isn't came from "Life's Little Treasure Book" on wisdom. But it sure is appropriate. "Don't forget that the quality of your life will be determined by the quality of people in your life." My great! :c) Yes, I'll probably be embarrassed when I see you each again for gushing so much...but....Now ya know! :c)

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